Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Early bird gets the worm and all that...

Customer comes in with a piece of paper. (This was Christmas Eve)

Customer: I need this book for my wife.
Me: I'm sorry sir. We are sold out of that title. We expect to have some more in by the second week of January.
Customer: But I need this book.
Me: I'm afraid we don't have any more. I can try to recommend another book that she might like, or you could get her a gift certificate.
Customer: NO. I need THIS book. I've looked everywhere today.
Me: Sir, I'm sorry. It was a surprise to everyone that it became as popular as it did so quickly. The publisher is out of stock until January.
Customer: She's gonna know.
Me: Sorry?
Customer: My wife's gonna know I waited too late to get her gift...

He seemed so frightened I almost felt sorry for him. Almost. He was trying to shop for a Specific thing on Christmas EVE. Sympathy lost.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Am I on candid camera?

Customer: Do you have and he gives me a title.
Me: Yes.
Customer: Oh. How about and he gives me another title.
Me: Yes.
Customer: Oh. How about and he gives me a third title.
Me: Yes.
Customer: In stock?
Me: Yes.... Would you like me to grab them for you?
Customer: Oh. Umm... No.

and he practicly RAN out of the store. Anyone care to hazard a guess? Anyone?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Whoa Nelly

A Phone Conversation

Me: ____________ Books. ____________ speaking.
Customer: I'm looking for a book.
Me: Okay.
Customer: I'm looking for a particular book.
Me: Okay.
Customer: If you don't have it in stock can you get it for Christmas?
Me: If we don't have it I wouldn't guaranty it arriving for Christmas at this point. It might make it it but it might not.
Customer: Fine. I'll order it someplace else.
Me: Don't you want me to see if we have it here in stock already?

The Customer has already hung up.

Patience is a virtue right?

Friday, December 11, 2009

If only they were practical jokes....

A phone conversation

Me: Hello _____________ Books. ___________ speaking.
Customer: Hello. Is this ______________ Books?
Me: Yes.
Customer: Is there anyone there I can speak to?
Me: Ummmm You can speak to me........


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Not the only one

Customer: If I saw a book on a website can you order it in for me?
Me: We can take a look and see, we usually can. What site was it on?
Customer: The yoga site.
Me: Okay, do you know the site address or what the name of the site was?
Customer: The yoga site.
Me: Okay.

So I try a search for "the yoga site" thinking this is the name of the actual site.

Me: Okay is this the site?

I have www.yogasite.com up on the screen.

Customer: No. The Yoga site.
Me: Okay.

So I try www.theyogasite.com - It doesn't exist.

So I try a search for "the yoga site" again leave the search list up.

Me: I'm sorry I can't seem to find The Yoga Site.
Customer: It's the first one on the list on my computer.
Me: Well take a look at the search list here, maybe you can see what site it is.

The customer looks

Customer: It's the first one on my computer.
Me: Okay but I'm not sure what site it is and it's not coming up in my search I guess. You'll have to check at home and find out what the site address is. You can just give us a call with it.
Customer: It's The Yoga Site - why is it so hard for you to find. I shouldn't have to go back home to look it up you should have it here.

Seriously? At what point does trying to provide extra service become not worth it?