Friday, October 7, 2011

This is why real booksellers still have jobs

Cust: My friend told me I have to read this book. She said it's the best thing she's ever read. It's a true story about a nun who has Siamese twins.
Me: Okay, did she give you the title?
Cust: I don't know what's it's called but everyone's reading it.
Me: Okay do you know anything else about it?
Customer: My friend just loves it. The title has the word glass in it.

Okay, I was able to guess what book it was. Vague plot references are my specialty I guess. It does prove that my rule still holds though, if the customer "knows" three things about a book they're looking for, at least two of those things will be wrong. :)

The book is about twins (but not conjoined twins) it is fiction (not a biography) and the title was Cutting for Stone (notice no glass in that title)