Friday, December 24, 2010

Maybe if I knew you.....

Customer: You recommended a book last year and my daughter really liked it. I'd like the second one in the series for her this year.
Me: Great. What series was it?
Customer: I don't know.
Me: Oh, okay. Do you remember anything about it?
Customer: No. But you recommended it.
Me: Okay. Was it a children's book or an adult book?
Customer: It came from over here.

She waves her arm at the whole fiction section

: Okay. Was is historical or funny, or romantic?
Customer: I don't remember anything about it.

I don't even remember you, let alone the book I recommended last Christmas......

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's gonna be a loooonnnggg day

Customer: Do you have a public washroom?
Me: Yes it's right over there.

I point to the washroom which is visible from where we are standing

The one in the back with "Employees Only" on the door?
Me: Umm... No, the one with the sign that says "Washroom"

The one you can see. From Here. That I am Pointing At.
That says that it is the washroom on the door... It should not be that hard.

I may have the bah humbugs on today.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'll keep working on that brain power

Cust: Do you have the books they sell at the farmer's market?
Me: I'm not sure. What books are they?
Cust: The ones they sell at the farmer's market.
Me: I'm afraid I just don't know what books they're selling at the farmer's market.
Cust: You don't?
Me: Sorry.

I would like to be omniscient. Not this week. Maybe next?

Friday, December 3, 2010

It happens.

Customer comes up and slams a book on the counter she then begins to yell.

Cust: How can you have this and not the others?
Me: Pardon?
Cust: You have 3 and 5 but not 1,2, or 4. How can you do that?
Me: Umm... because someone bought those ones? I'm sure there are more coming. I can call you and let you know when they're in if you'd like.
Cust: You let them buy just those ones?
Me: Yes. If those are the ones they want.

The crazies are out boys and girls. Watch out.