Thursday, June 30, 2011

That and we have "books" in the store name...

I look up to find a lady pressing her face against the glass of our front door. A few minutes later she comes in.

Me: Hello.
Lady: I'm just trying to find out what kind of store this is.
Me: We're a book store.
Lady: Oh.
Me:Let me know if I can help you find anything.
Lady: That explains the books in the windows and stuff.
Me: Yup.
Lady: Oh. Okay. Thanks.

I think we should change the store's name to Harry's Small Appliance Sales or something maybe THEN people will come in assuming we sell books?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Holy deja vu Batman!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Times they are a chang'n

Older Woman: I'd like to speak to your boss dude.
Me: Umm? I don't have a boss dude.
Older Woman: (Snotty)You don't have a manager?
Me: No. I'm the manager.
Older Woman: I thought it would be someone older.
Me: And an man?

She Totally ignores me

Older Woman: I'm collecting donations for (someplace or another)
Me: Do you have something in writing? Leave it with me and we'll see what we can do. Someone can check back in a couple of days.

This is a post from 2008.
TODAY - This happened:

Customer: Can I speak to the Manger?
Me: Sure, what can I do for you?
Customer: I'm looking for the man in charge.
Me: Were you looking for one of the men here for something personal?
Customer: No, I'm looking for a donation for the _________ charity golf tournament.
Me: Okay, well you need to talk to me then.
Customer: There's isn't a man I can ask about it?
Me: Not if you want a donation....

And it's getting less and less likely at this point buddy.... WOW.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A case of the mouth working before the brain?

Background info:
We have a "crime novels" display window up. There are mysteries and true crime books in the window along with toe tags, evidence bags with bloody clothes and a knife and "crime scene" tape on the windows. Also a fake bloody hand print is dripping down the window...

Cust: Did you get broken into?
Me: Um no? Why would you ask?
Cust: Well there is crime scene tape and blood and stuff in the window.
Me: Nope. It's a mystery book display.
Cust: A What?
Me: A display of mystery and crime books? That why all the CSI stuff is in the window.
Cust: Oh. Why would you do that?
Me: Umm... to highlight some of the mystery books we carry?
Cust: Oh. I thought you got broken into and that was so people didn't touch anything.

Right. We got broken into and someone's blood is all over the front windows along with a bloody knife and the police just left it all laying there while I just work away here like any other day.....

Monday, June 13, 2011

I SWEAR I Believe you.

A customer calls the store.

Cust: "I bought this book and the cover says $9.99 but you charged me $10.99"
Me: "Oh. Let's see what happened. The computer has it listed at $10.99. So I'm not sure what's happened but if the Canadian price is $9.99 on the book and we charged you more we'll reimburse you."
Cust: "I'm not an idiot. It says $9.99"
Me: "Umm, I'm sure it does. If you bring it back in with your receipt showing that you were charged more we'll be happy to fix it for you."
Cust:"I'm not stupid you know."
Me: "I'm sure that you're not. As I said, if you bring the book back in with your receipt showing that you were charged more we'll be happy to give you back the dollar"
Cust: "Well why does it say $9.99 on it and you have $10.99 in your computer?"
Me: "I really don't know. Sometimes things go up or down when they reprint them and we miss changing them in the computer. These things do happen sometimes. I'm very sorry about the inconvenience, but we'd be happy to fix it for you."
Cust: "It says $9.99"
Me: "I believe you. Please bring it back in with your receipt and we'll give you back your money"

I'm willing to give the woman a dollar out of my own pocket if she'll just get off the bloody phone and come in for it!