Monday, June 20, 2011

A case of the mouth working before the brain?

Background info:
We have a "crime novels" display window up. There are mysteries and true crime books in the window along with toe tags, evidence bags with bloody clothes and a knife and "crime scene" tape on the windows. Also a fake bloody hand print is dripping down the window...

Cust: Did you get broken into?
Me: Um no? Why would you ask?
Cust: Well there is crime scene tape and blood and stuff in the window.
Me: Nope. It's a mystery book display.
Cust: A What?
Me: A display of mystery and crime books? That why all the CSI stuff is in the window.
Cust: Oh. Why would you do that?
Me: Umm... to highlight some of the mystery books we carry?
Cust: Oh. I thought you got broken into and that was so people didn't touch anything.

Right. We got broken into and someone's blood is all over the front windows along with a bloody knife and the police just left it all laying there while I just work away here like any other day.....


Gift said...

Hahaha! Best bookstore evar! Leaving the evidence behind to ward off other robbers. Epic.

Spectrum89 said...

A display so brilliantly thought out it confuses the morons of the world.

I like the idea though, sounds very cool!