Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Are we talking about the same place?

Customer: You you have any books on Dr. Oz?
Me: Are you looking for a biography of Dr. Oz or the books BY him?
Customer: I'm looking for the book that was on Oprah.
Me: Alright, Dr. Oz's books are over here.
Customer: I didn't know you carried books here.
Me: Ummm Okay...?
Customer: Oh, and look you even have different kinds of books.
Me: Ummm Yes...?
Customer: Have you ever had tofu?
Me: Huh?
Customer: Do you sell cheese?
Me: Well, ummm, here are the Dr. Oz books, let me know if you need help finding anything else.

Completely random encounter there.... The store IS called ___________ BOOKS - Why is it so difficult for people to tell what we sell here?

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