Monday, October 4, 2010

Phone Etiquette?

I answer the phone:
_________ Books. _______ Speaking.

I hear:
Never let me go.

I say:
Pardon me?

I hear an woman say in the rudest possible way:
Do you have the book about the movie Never Let Me Go or not?

I say:
We are out of stock but we have more coming in this week.

I hear:

Can we make phone etiquette a mandatory class in high school? PLEASE?


Maria said...

Hahaha! A I hate rudeness, but for me it is often in the oppossite situation, many busdrivers and waitresses here in my town that are not service minded.

Mladen said...

hehe, a very fun read to stumble upon indeed. i used to work in a store as well and boy are there some weird people out there...