Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Another reason we're not the library

All the stores in our downtown, like every other downtown I've ever been to, have apartments above the main floor stores. Once in a while you can hear something from them, vacuuming and things that get dropped are the most common. It's by no stretch loud however.

Customer: What's that sound?
Me: It sounds like one of the people in the apartments upstairs are vacuuming.
Customer:Oh, can you ask them to stop?
Me: Um... not really.
Customer: Well it's bothering me.
Me: I'm sorry about that. There really isn't anything I can do about it. I imagine that they'll be done in a couple of minutes though.
Customer: Well, they really should know better than to make noise when you're open. You're a BOOKSTORE you know.

Whoa Nelly. I'm sure glad I never lived in the apartment above this guy. At least he knows what we sell though!

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Miroslav said...

Haha, i laughed at this. Your writing style is really entertaining for me, and the way you emphasize stuff that's really odd is really good.
Keep them coming :)