Friday, August 26, 2011

Why we bother to put up signs I don't know.

We're getting ready to have an author in signing their book. We have a little area with a table and a comfy chair set up for him. There is a sign taped to the chair with the details of the signing which starts in less than half an hour.

A lady comes in and takes the sign off the chair and sits down with her coffee.

Co-worker: Excuse me, I'm sorry but can I get you to please move over to one of these other seats? This one is reserved for the author who is coming to sign in a few minutes.
Cust: Oh. Sorry I didn't realise.
Co-worker: (confused) but you moved the reserved sign that was taped to the chair?
Cust: Oh, is that what it was? I didn't actually READ it.

Yup. My forehead is starting to make a dent in my desk.


mycouponbasket said...

Thanks for posting such an hilarious post. I will bookmark this.

Christine Jeffcoat said...

I work at a small independent bookstore in Georgia and reading your posts is like I'm back at work. I'd say it's nice to be able to share my misery, but knowing that certain idiocy is worldwide is kind of depressing! Love your posts, can't wait to read more :)

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