Friday, June 5, 2009

You should probably start with sorry

Customer: Where's your health section?

Already she's got rude and uninterested down. Impressive in four words.

Me: Over here. Are you looking for something in particular?

The Customer names the book.

Me: Oh. I'm afraid we are sold out of that title. It's back ordered due to a reprint so can't say when it will be back in stock.

Customer: Oh shit.

She then proceeds to tell he friend this whole story about throwing away her other friend's book and having to replace it.

Customer: Well when will it be in.

Me: I'm not sure. Because it's a reprint I have no information from the publisher as to when to expect it.

Customer: Well is there something wrong with the book?

Me: Huh?

Customer: Is there something WRONG with the book? You said they had to reprint it.

Me: Umm no... they just ran out and had to make more... it happens a lot...

Customer: Really? You actually sell lots of stuff here?

Me: Ummm... yes....I suppose so...

Customer: Well what am I suppose to tell my friend?

How about she needs to find some smarter people to hang out with?

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