Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Give me strength....

Customer: Does this book come with a cd?
Me: Yes it does. It has a copy of the audio book included in each hardcover.
Customer: *RUDE* Pft.. But does it have the movie?
Me: Umm no, just the audio book and the book itself.
Customer: Okay I want to look at it anyway.
Me: Sure. Here you are.
Customer: The cd's in the Front.
Me: Yes?
Customer: It's suppose to be in the back.
Me: Umm.. it's in the front in this case. They're all like that with this book.
Customer: Well they should be in the back. All the ones I'VE ever seen are in the BACK.
Me: Sometimes they're in the front and sometimes they're in the back... there's no wrong place to have the bonus cd.....
Customer: Well. I think they should be in the back so I don't want it.

Maybe I was a bad person in a past life?

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