Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dazed and Confused?

Customer: This isn't the book I ordered.
Me: Oh. Let's see what's up.
Customer: I should have two books, one called Mckettrick's Christmas and one called A Creed County Christmas.
Me: OK I'll take a look here in the computer and see what happened.

I look and see that The Christmas Brides (which is the book we have for her) is actually two stories, Mckettrick's Christmas & A Creed County Christmas in one book. So I explain this, and then I explain it again... and again.... this is what it sounds like the fourth time or so...

Customer: That's not right. It said Mckettrick's Christmas & A Creed County Christmas in my other book.
Me: Those are the names of the two stories in this book. Maybe they thought they were going to release them as two separate books and didn't. I'm not sure.
Customer: Fine. I'll take this one but I want you to keep looking for the other two.
Me: OK. If I find them I'll let you know.

I totally get why this is confusing. The first two times I explain it. In any case, I'm happy to help you buy them as two extra volumes when you already have them in that one book if I can. Happy to help.

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