Friday, November 26, 2010

Really? Oh?

Customer: Do you have the third Chronicles?
Me: Sorry? The third Chronicles?
Customer: Yes
Me: Okay, the third chronicles of what? Kane Chronicles, Chronicles of Narnia, Underland Chronicles, the Elsewhere Chronicles?
Customer: THE Chronicles books.
Me: I'm sorry I just don't know which one you mean. Do you know the title of one of the first two?
Customer: Chronicles One and Chronicles Two. Then she makes that huffing sound that generally precedes some kind of negative comment about my competence
Me: Okay, can you tell me what they're about? I can narrow it down that way.
Customer: They're history books. About the area. The Newspaper says you have them.

Aha Moment! There is a little local museum that has self published these local history books and they're scheduled to put out a third one. Of course they haven't actually told us when they'll be out or dropped any off (because it's winter and they're closed they don't answer the phone now until April)

Me: Okay, I know which one you're looking for but I'm afraid they havn't delivered them yet. We're still waiting for them.
Customer: But it says in the paper that you have them.
Me: Well I'm not sure why they'd say that before they dropped them off but maybe that means they're going to deliver them soon. I can take your info and let you know when they arrive.
Customer: I've already done that. But you didn't call.
Me: We don't have the books yet. We won't call you until they're here.
Customer: Oh


Mladen said...

Ah, people...

What do you know about Turkey? said...

A: We will call when the book arrives.
B: The book didn't arrive yet.
Solution: A+B: You didn't call because the book didn't arrive yet! OH!

It is amazing how people can be so impertinent when they want (us in fact).