Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cust: I'm looking for the new Stephenie Meyer book.
Me: Okay, the newest one was a short story based on one the minor characters I think. It's been out for quite a while though.
Cust: No. I'm looking for the new one. It should be out now. It's called Midnight Sun.
Me: Midnight Sun has never been published. That's the one someone basicly stole and distributed around the internet a few years ago. She's never actually released it though. We don't know yet if she is going to ever put it out.
Cust: NO. It's out and you should have it.
Me: Okay. Well we don't then. I guess you should look some place else.

Well I guess we just suck. We should TOTALLY have that book that doesn't exist here front and centre on display for you teenage vampire romance freaks. (I'm getting crankier in my old age I think)


Scary Carrie said...

Thanks for insulting those vampire freaks! I just stumbled across your blog and really enjoy the sarcasm.

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Scary Carrie said...

Hey! I've decided to pass the Liebster Award on to you. You probably know about it already, but if you don't, it's bloggers showing appreciation for each other's work. I just was given this for my blog, The Travelin-gineer. So, if you're into it, check my post and link back on your page.


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