Thursday, November 10, 2011

Why would you argue with me?

Customer: I'm looking for the new Craig Oliver book.
Me: Sure. Oliver's Twist.
Customer: No. The new Biography.
Me: Craig Oliver's new biography is called Oliver's Twist.
Customer: No. The one that was just on Canada AM.
Me: Okay - I don't know what book it could be then. As far as I can tell there is only one Craig Oliver and his new biography is called Oliver's Twist. I'm sorry but I can't be much help if that's not the book you are looking for.
Customer: Fine I'll look someplace else.

Okay. You do that. Maybe someone at ultra-mega-super-mart where they sell everything cheap but don't have a clue about anything they sell can help you find the non existent book.

Yup. I'm Cranky today.


TheUnSoccerMom said...

I so empathize with you.

I don't work in a bookstore, but I do work in customer service... oh the stories I could tell..

Anastasia Bykova said...

Ha-ha, dear me. Some people can be very odd..

Anonymous said...

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Misty said...

I always romanticized working in bookshop like something I would love to do (You know, like Meg Ryan in "You've got Mail") but after I read your almost whole blog in one day I don't feels so lovingly towards that job anymore :O You really got good nerves, I'd head-shot half of those idiots you encounter on daily basis. Good luck with your future costumers and may the Gods Of Reading send you only the normal ones :)

K. Mickey said...

Lol I've never worked at a bookstore but worked at a grocery store and goodwill back in the day and I completely understand what you deal with!

Grinsekatze said...

You know, I really like your posts. Hope to read more from you. I worked in a hifi-Store for a while and we had customers... oh boy... I use to say work could be so beautiful, without customers... ;-)

Best Wishes

estetik said...

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JON said...

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