Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm a little shook up.

I had a man come in just now with a book that he said was given to him for Christmas. He had no receipt and the cover of the book had black marker scribbled all over the pricing. He wanted me to return it. I explained that that wasn't possible.

He then started getting angry.

Customer: I'm not into books and this one looks like crap anyway. It's garbage. So you're not going to give me anything for it?
Me: Sir, I can't. It's all marked up and even if I could buy it from you we can't sell it in that condition. I'm sure the library would be thrilled to take it if you really don't want it.
Customer: If it's got no value then I'm just going to throw it out.
Me: Please don't do that. The library would be so grateful for it.
Customer: No. If you won't give me anything for it it doesn't have any value and it's going in the garbage.

Then he started grabbing handfuls of pages and ripping them out and throwing them down on the counter. Then he just stormed out.

I'm actually still shaking a bit. It was a little scary.

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gabal said...

What an asshole. I allways feel a bit sad when I see books with dedication on the inner cover in second-hand book shop as it means those who received the gift didn't appreciate it.