Tuesday, August 19, 2008

American Money

Why are Americans so shocked when we tell them that we only accept Canadian currency? We are in Canada after all.

Me: That comes to $9.87 with the tax.
Customer hands me a US $20 & I must have given him a funny look.
Customer: That's more than enough to cover it.
Me: Yes sir, it would be but I'm afraid we are unable to accept US currency.
Customer:*disdainfully*Well Why Not?
Me: We're not set up to deposit US money sir, only Canadian funds.
Customer: I don't understand why everyone keeps telling me they can't take my money. I should be able to use my money anywhere in my country.
Me: Since we are in Canada sir, and not IN your country, we only accept Canadian funds. We can use Visa, Master Card or American Express if that will be more convenient for you.
At this point he's starting to get all worked up.
Sir, do you have a Visa we can use?
Yes, but I'm not paying no Canadian money.
Not a problem sir. We'll charge it to your Visa and you can pay in US money.
Since I know that credit cards pay the merchant in their currency and charge the customer in their own currency at whatever exchange rate is in effect at the time I figure this is a safe way to get the upset yelling man out of the store and still sell the book.
I knew you could take US money. You have to. It's the law you know.

There should be a law alright. One that forces Americans learn that the entire world is not a collection of US states.

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CN said...

I was linked to your blog by a friend. I feel your pain! Thank you for giving me a giggle! ;-)

Throughout high school and university I worked in retail and had similar experiences. It's painful!

I had one customer get incredibly uppity about my refusing to take his US funds and when I pointed out that, were our situations reversed, he wouldn't take my Canadian funds, he responded with, 'Well, that's different. Our money's worth something.'

I've moved country twice now and I can tell you that even in the UK (so far we're good in Australia), Americans will get upset about the fact that foreign countries don't accept their money.

Good luck! ;-)