Thursday, August 28, 2008

You couldn't have needed it too desperately

Customer: I'm here to pick up my book.
Me: Can I get your name?
Customer tells me his name.
Me: I don't see anything on the hold shelf.... Let me check the computer.
I check the computer and find that this person's book arrived more than 4 months ago and was never picked up.
Me: That reservation was canceled when the book wasn't picked up within four weeks of arrival.
Customer: But I really needed it.
Me: It was ordered more than 4 Months ago sir. We can't hold things that long without payment. It was put out on the sales floor and sold.
Customer: That was MY book!
Me: Actually sir, it was our book. It had the possibility of becoming your book for 4 weeks after it arrived. Had you paid for it, it would have then became your book. After that 4 weeks it became fair game for other customers.
Customer: Well I still want it.
Me: Okay sir, we can special order it for you. We will require you to pay for it before it is ordered however.
Customer: I didn't have to pay for it in advance last time.
Me: True, but then you didn't come in and pick up the book you ordered.
Customer: But I'm here now.
Me: It's been 4 months sir. I'll be needing that prepaid.

We did end up ordering this book for the customer. He did pay for it in advance.

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