Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Display Only"

A Customer comes up with dusty hardcover fantasy book.

Customer: I'd like to take this one, and I'd like to complain about the shabby condition of these books. It's all dusty and torn.
Me: I'm very sorry about that Mame. I'm not sure what happened to it.
Customer: Well it is just awful.
Me: Again I'm very sorry, I'll make sure it's taken care of. Where did you get it from?
Customer: It was on top of one of the shelves.
Me: On one of the top shelves?
Customer: No it was on Top of the shelves.
Me: It was on the very top of the shelving unit? With all of the display pieces?

We have some old hardcover books that have been glued together to make some interesting decorations for the tops of the shelves that are too high to use for displaying regular stock.
It dawns on me what she's done.

Me: How did you get it down?
Customer: I took one of the stools.
Me: You took one of the stools that say "Store use only. Do Not Use" and used it to take down part of the glued together display pieces that say for "display only" off of a 9 foot tall shelving unit?
Customer: Yes.
Me: Umm. And you don't see what's wrong with this?
Customer: No, I'd like to buy this book and it's dusty and torn.
Me: It's a display piece. It was glued to the top of a shelf that's why it's torn and it's really not for sale.
Customer: Oh

I'm fairly certain that most of these people do in fact read. Books even. Why they can't read signs like "Do Not Use", "Display Only", "Fiction", "Washrooms" I may never understand.

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