Saturday, September 27, 2008

If you're going to be demanding try to get it right

When the US dollar value dropped like a stone last year many people thought that instantly all the prices they pay should change. We dealt with a lot of Nastiness over that.

But some of them REALLY didn't get it.

Customer: I want the US price on this book.
Me: We sell books at the Canadian price Mame.
Customer: Well I want the US price. Look! It's half the price!!
I Look
Me: Mame. Do you see that fancy looking L shape?
Customer: Yes. So?
Me: That is the symbol for the British Pound.
Customer: So? I want that price.
Me: That is the price in pounds sterling. Would you would like to pay in pounds? I believe the current exchange on the pound is something like 2.4 so just double for the Canadian price is very good.
Customer: Oh.

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