Monday, November 10, 2008

My memory's good but...

Customer: You had this book here that I liked but I can't find it.
Me: Okay, maybe I can find it for you. What was is called?
Customer: I can't remember. It was a blue cover.
Me: Okay. What was it about?
Customer: I can't remember.
Me: Umm.. okay. Adult or kids book?
Customer: Adult.
Me: Was it on display?
Customer: It was on the wall over there.
Me: Hmmm.... Okay, let me think, what's been there in the last little while that had a blue cover?
Customer: Oh. It wasn't a little while ago this was maybe three years ago now.
Me: What?
Customer: Yeah, it's been around 3 years I think since I saw it there.
Me: I'm sorry, I don't know what book was on display on that wall three years ago with a blue cover. If you can remember what it was about or what the name was or the author I can try to track it down but.......

THREE YEARS?!?!?! I mean we really try to find these books that people don't know what they were but it was blue and was on display three years ago? That's more than I can deal with....

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