Saturday, November 1, 2008

your logic is flawed

Customer: Is my book in?
Me: I can check. What's your name?
Customer says name
Me: No, I'm afraid it's not in yet.
Customer: Well, it should be here.
Me: It's only been three days. It will be here soon but it sometimes takes a little while for special orders to get shipped to us.
Customer: Well do they have it at otherbookstorename ?
Me: I don't know.
Customer: Can you check?
Me: Not really, no.
Customer: Well couldn't you just get it from them for me?
Me: No. We buy books from publishers not from other bookstores. That would be like you going to Canadian Tire and asking them to go to Zellers and buy something for you.
Customer: So?

Really? I wonder where else they've tried this logic....

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