Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I can tell you KNOW

Customer: Do you have the new Stephenie Meyer book?
Me: The new one in the Twilight Saga?
Customer: Yes.
Me: Sure.

I show her the stack of "Breaking Dawn"

Me: Here they are.
Customer: Oh. That's not the one I want.
Me: Okay. Did you need one of the earlier ones or maybe the one that's not part of the Twilight books? There's Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn and then there is Host which is Not part of the Twilight Saga books.

I show her the other books.

Customer: None of those are the right one. I need the NEW Stephenie Meyer book.
Me: I'm afraid I don't know of any other books by Stephenie Meyer except these ones.
Customer: (Snarky) Well there is one and these aren't it.
Me: Well I'm sorry we don't have it then. Are you sure it's a book that's been published and not something on her website?
Customer: (Still Snarky) Yes. I KNOW what I'm looking for. Well? Can you order it for me?

I look in the computer

Me: There are no other books by Stephenie Meyers available for me to order.
Customer: You people suck. I just want the new Stephenie Meyer book. You should have it.

She storms out.

What new Stephenie Meyers book????? This woman has been a bookselling phenom. If there was a new book we'd KNOW! I want so badly to actually tell people what an ass they are making of themselves....

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