Friday, October 24, 2008

I WISH I knew

The Giller Prize is big deal book prize in Canada. The short list of nominations comes out in October and the winner is announced in November. This is early October.

Customer: I'd like a copy of the new Giller Prize winner.
Me: Were you looking for last year's winner or one of the short list from this year?
Customer: I want this year's winner.
Me: They haven't announced a winner yet this year.
Customer: Yes they did. They announced it the other day.
Me: They announced the short listed titles a couple of days ago. I have the list here.

I tell her the titles that have been short listed

Customer: But which one won? I want the winner.
Me: The haven't announced a winner yet. They don't do that until November.
Customer: But I want the winner. I only read books that win prizes.
Me: I don't know which one is going to win. If I knew that I'd also go out and buy a lottery ticket.
Customer: (In a Huff) Well. If you can't tell me who won the Giller this year I don't want anything.

HUH? Really? I'm beginning to accept that people think that mind reading is part of my job but telling the future? Maybe I need a crystal ball? AND there are a LOT of great books out there that have never won anything. I have to wonder what that's all about....

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