Monday, October 20, 2008

Is "Okay" Code?

Customer: Can I buy the blood on the window?
Me: Huh?
Customer: I'd like to buy the blood on the window.
Me: The blood is a Halloween decoration. We don't sell it.
Customer: Oh, okay. What about the spider webs?
Me: They're the same. Just for decoration. The things that are for sale are the books.
Customer: Oh. Okay.

She goes and walks around for a bit and comes back holding a clay jack o' lantern we have with a display of Halloween titles.

Customer: I'll just take this.
Me: Ummm that's not for sale. It's like the decorations in the windows. They're there to make a nice display for the books. Which are for sale.
Customer: Oh, Okay.

She goes and wanders around the store again and comes back. Again.

Customer: Can I buy those gauntlets?
Me: The ones in the window? In the Halloween display?
Customer: Yes.

At this point I'm admittedly less charitable....

Me: Did you by any chance see our sign when you came in?
Customer: Huh?
Me: The one that says __________ Books?
Customer: Yes?
Me: The BOOKS in the displays are for SALE. We are a BOOK store. We sell BOOKS. The Halloween decorations are not for sale they are decorations.
Customer: Oh. Okay.

Maybe English wasn't her first language?

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