Saturday, October 4, 2008

Where do these people get their information?

Me: Excuse me Mame is there something I can help you find?
Customer: No. I'm browsing.
Me: Well I'm afraid if there isn't something specific I can help with you'll have to come back tomorrow.
Customer: What? Are you telling me to leave?
Me: Mame. I'm not trying to be rude about it but the store did close 20 minutes ago.
Customer: I came in before you closed.
Me: Ummm... Yes?
Customer: If I get in before you close you have to let me stay.
Me: What?
Customer: You have to let me stay. I got in before you closed the store.
Me: I'm not sure where you came by that but I'm afraid it's not the case. We closed 20 minutes ago and you are going to have to leave.

What kind of twisted logic is that? I got in before you closed so now you have to let me stay as long as I want? My God. We'd Never get to go home if that was the case.

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