Monday, December 1, 2008

Maybe they're trying to tell you something

An angry woman comes into the store with one of our bags. Never a good start.

Me: Hello. What can I help with?
Customer: I got this book and I want to return it.
Me: Okay, what was the problem?
Customer: My friend gave it to me and she KNOWS I don't read.
Me: Umm... maybe she thought you'd enjoy this one.
Customer: I do NOT read.
Me: Ummmm... OK. I'm sure we can return it.

I was afraid to ask for a receipt but luckily it was tucked into the book cover.
I know that loads of people aren't big readers but I'm not sure I've ever met anyone so angry about the fact someone thought they might like a book. I wish I could tell you it was some kind of anger management book 'cause that would be funny but it was just a novel.

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