Thursday, December 4, 2008

Weird. Very Weird.

A customer picks up a book off of a large pile that are on display

Customer: Do you have any more of these in the back?
Me: I don't think so all we have left are out here or on the shelf.
Customer: Can you check.
Me: Sure. Do you need more than 12 or 13 copies (what's there).
Customer: No.
Me: Ummm... why do you need to know if we have more copies then?
Customer: I never buy anything that's been on display.
Me: Huh?
Customer: I never buy anything that's been on display.
Me: All the books are on display. That how you can see what we have.
Customer: Well I'd like this one but only if you've got one in the back.

Weird. Very weird. I know he can't see the back shelves from where he is so I tell him I'll go look in the back and snag a copy off the shelf as I go into the back.

Me: Here you go. This copy was in the back. (It was. I did take it back there briefly. So it's not exactly a lie)
Customer: Great.

Then he bought it.
Weird. Very Weird.
I wonder how he does his other shopping. "Can you get me some bread that's not on the shelf?"

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gabal said...

Love the blog, I stumbled upon it earlier and laughed hard to most of the comments. As a person who worked with customers I can share one pearl of wisdom Einstein allegedly said - human stupidity and universe are endless. We are not sure about the universe. I hope the therapy is working and that you enjoy your work in bookstore.