Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vampires are like cool like you know?

Customer: Do you have the new Stephenie Meyer book "Thirsting for More"?
Me: Umm... I've never heard of that one.
Customer: It's the newest one.
Me: Ok. I have the four books in the Twilight Saga and I have The Host. I can't find any record of one called Thirsting for More.
Customer: It's listed right here on the back of my book.
Me: It's on the back of your book?
Customer: Yes.
Me: Is it above a line that says something like "check out the website www.somethingorother"?
Customer: Yes.
Me: That's a tag line to tell you to go check out the website. It's not a new book.
Customer: No, I think it's a new book.
Me: Trust me. It's not a new book. If it was you would not be the only person looking for it.

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