Monday, January 19, 2009

Not picky

Customer: You you have that book about a dog?
Me: Do you know the title by any chance?
Customer: No, the library in ( a town about 100 miles away) said there's a year wait for it.
Me: Ummm.. okay. Was is Marley and Me or the Story of Edgar Sawtelle?
Customer: I don't know what the title is.
Me: So if I tell you the titles you're still not going to know if it's the book you want. Do you know anything about what it's about?
Customer: It's about a dog.
Me: There are a few books that are popular about dogs. But If you don't know what what it's called or what it's about it's hard to narrow it down for you. I can just guess and give you one and tell you it's the dog book.
Customer: Ok

Ok? I wish everyone would let me just randomly pick a book and tell them it's what they want. I hope they like The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.

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