Saturday, January 10, 2009

We have all the authors' home numbers....

Customer: Can you order this book?
Customer gives me the book title
Me: Sure.
Customer: Do you have anymore information about it?
Me: Like what?
Customer: Like the author's home phone number?
Me: HUH? No........
Customer: Oh, okay I'll look for it online.
Me: Ok.

That's not the kind of information we can really help with. What would ever make someone think that we would have that?

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Leonardo Cassarani said...

I used to work at a publishing house, and even we sometimes had trouble finding an author's phone number (which was usually because he/she was due to be interviewed on the radio in less than an hour and hadn't arrived at the studios yet.. The BBC tends to panic quite easily)!

As a result of that I find the idea that bookshops should have that sort of information particularly amusing :D Amazing how clueless people can be sometimes..